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The Quebec Hot Air Balloon Association is in partnership with several other organizations and companies here in Canada offering all sorts of outdoor activities and outdoor products.

We help them in promoting their products and in return, they help us promote the online magazine. We are always open to new partnerships so connect with us today.

We are open to helping you advertise products, services, and events.

Advertise with Us

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Our online magazine team is made up of three departments, the content department, the design department, and the marketing department. Content takes care of research, writing, proofreading, and structuring.

The design team takes care of graphics, layout, and visual assets. Marketing is in charge of advertising, organizing events, and communication.

So, if you decide to partner with us, you will be working directly with the marketing team but, content and design will also pitch in. You will be working with one or two of our managers to develop and execute the campaign.

The first stage would be for brainstorming or consultation. This is where we connect to establish a visual plan for the ads. Here, we will determine the format of the ad.

Next, we will work with the design team to create the ad material and then from there, refine everything to take it up to the final stage, circulation. For the last stage, our marketing team will handle the distribution of the ad in all of our platforms including our online magazine, social media platforms, and blog page.

What happens next?

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What happens next is we will monitor the engagement and report on the volume of user traffic it is getting. We would do this on our online magazine and social media accounts. We have an internal online engagement analysis team to come up with a full report.

This will tell us the online engagement we got from the ad throughout it being live. After that, we will submit a campaign report to assess what value the campaign generated. This value may be represented in online engagements and connections. For more information about our advertising services, feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you and your team.